Parquettificio Toscano

Parquet and floors in wood inlaid in marble and steel

As traditional parquet producer Parchettificio Toscano has developed considerably over time. Its range of products include the exclusive multi-material inlays of the San Miniato collection, Ekoline, the collection of modern style boards, Pontevecchio, collection of boards, herringbone and classic designs, totally handmade and tailored to meet the needs of the customer, and outfloor, designed for the outdoors.
Always focused on the search for new aesthetic solutions, the company maintains a deep respect for the environment thanks to the use of FSC and PEFC certified wood and to the application of bio-compatible finishes, free of emissions that are harmful to humans.
Equally important is the opportunity offered by Parchettificio Toscano to use salvaged antique wood, skilfully restored leaving the original coat in view.


Rigato Infissi

Specialised in realization of Aluminium and PVC windows and doors with certified materials.

Born in Italy 1978 by Leone Rigato who developped his skills years before in aluminium and PVC installation in Canada, Rigato Infissi has grown up step by step and today is able to find closure solutions for any need covering both industrial and civil requires.
The strenght of the company is the final product manufactured in both 2000 smq headquartes one addressed to PVC and the other to aluminium: a combination of high quality and technology

All the company energies are addressed to create windows and doors taking care of all the functional and architectural aspects  aware of the influence they have on the final result. Every item is realised using high standard material and offering a waste range of choice. Rigato Infissi follows every step of the project by the very beginning throught the help of its professional experts.


Compass Marmo

Specialised in marble artisan working addressed to different spheres

From the viscera of the earth comes a material at times malleable but more often difficult and bitter, yet which, shaped under knowledge hands, becomes an object full of fascination and seduction. The reason for stone’s success is enclosed in this concept; man’s creativity wedded to the un-repeatable and infinite variation of a material that communicates to the observer its own tormented genesis. From the first had-saws to recent computer generated technology; a notable jump in quality that opens up roads to unending possibilities.. but through every one, even today, shines the thousands of years of man’s experience, the capacity to choose, shape and set a material that is oft times cryptic and hostile.. attributes which, in Versilia, the native land of this material, have been refined through the course of time and still today continue to be transmitted from father to son, almost as though part of genetic code.


Colorificio Toscano – Color Art

Natural spatula limewash.

The mystique of Italy’s most beautiful Renaissance cities, from Florence to Rome, comes to life in this collection celebrating an epoch that had contributed more than any other culture, fine arts and architecture. The magnificence of the Renaissance – the urban phenomenon par excellence – is echoed in the spectacular facades of villas and palazzos decorated with a masterfuluse of colours and materials.


DSM Infissi