Notice of Graduate School on Urging International Students to Graduate Who Are Going to Exceed the Time Limit
2019年03月18日 2020欧洲杯竞猜app平台:

       According to “Handbook of Academic Degree and Graduate Education of SWJTU” and “Handbook of Study and Research for International Postgraduates”, the maximum length of registration is four years for master students and the maximum length of registration for PhD students is six years. A graduate student should terminate the status as a student within the time limit by way of completing course study and thesis defense and then obtaining diploma, or completing course study and obtaining study certificate, or withdrawing from school. Therefore, the student status of the following mentioned students will be terminated this year. Please pay special attention to the following requirements:

1. PhD students who were enrolled in 2013 and master students who were enrolled in 2014 must complete thesis defense before December 31st, 2019 or apply for course completion or withdraw from school. If the application of course completion or withdrawal is approved by the school and Graduate  School, course-completion certificate or withdrawal statement will be issued.

2. Master students can apply for thesis defense within one year after being issued certificate of course completion; PhD students can apply for dissertation defense within four years after being issued certificate of course completion. If passing defense and being approved by Degree Committee of SWJYU, students will be issued graduation certificate and diploma.

3. Students who fail to complete thesis defense or to apply for course completion prior to December 31st, 2019 will be expelled from our university.

Provost Office of Graduate School

March 18, 2019

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