Country chic furnishings, Provencal style furniture, vintage style kitchens.

Maurizio Minacciolo lays the first foundations to realise his dream in the early 1970s: he sets up a small company to produce “country-style” furniture. The experience gained from a young age allows him to develop an industrialized product within a short space of time which is met with market approval, without ever losing the care, attention and meticulous nature of genuine Italian craftsmanship.

1991 marks an essential turning point: the birth of the Tola collection, a country collection which introduces colours such as “green sage” and “powder blue”, evoking the Provencal, English and Umbrian-Tuscan style.

“English Mood”, unveiled in 2001, marks another important stage in the company’s life. Characterised by soft elegant lines the collection adds a touch of chic to country style and firmly establishes itself in the furnishing world. The focus on country-style settings is joined by urban furniture.

Continuously developed and expanded, “English Mood” now offers a comprehensive “home collection” that ranges from kitchens to living rooms, bedrooms to bathrooms. ”Minà” and “Natural Skin”, two recent additions to the collection are based on a contemporary style without neglecting the dictates of the Minacciolo tradition.