Vecchio Pastificio Toscano

Durum wheat pasta, Tuscan-flavoured pasta, organic and wholemeal pasta

The company is located in the magnificent city of Lucca, in the centre of Tuscany, which also provides the company with is main ingredient.

The pasta, from the wheat harvest to the choice of semolina, the original quality of the water to the various ingredients, from the bronze-drawing to the packaging phase are followed and carefully managed with passion and skill, quality and talent.


Tenuta di Gramineta

Production of organically grown Wine and Oil in Maremma (Tuscany)

Tenuta di Gramineta is managed in a healthy genuine manner, far from large-scale production, from the use of substances that boost production at the expense of quality and health. The land can only give what it is capable of giving, nothing more can be expected. This is the firm belief that reigns on the estate. The land is respected, not exploited, producing a healthy product of great depth.


Oriental Caffè

Ethics and culture in coffee: mix of innovation and craftsmanship

Orientalcaffe is a company which has been dedicated to finishing and blending coffees for more than half a century. Direct contact with customers and the special attention given to their needs and market development, allow the company to identify and satisfy the needs in full, putting it very often at the forefront of innovative products.


Mugello Tartufi

Nature’s diamond: from the quarryman to your table

It is the brainchild of a passionate expert truffle hunter from the Mugello region of Tuscany, with the purpose of promoting the quality of the truffle, called diamond, from our lands, fully aware that it gives a precious high quality fruit. With passion, he always works the product fresh to make it reach our tables and provide a symphony of flavours.


Tenuta Mariani

Olive groves and vineyard cultivation from which wine and the oil “Segreto” are extracted.

Oil and wine are the main products of the farm. The Company is part of the Strada del Vino di Lucca

The vineyards of Crocicchio and Loglia in Bozzano near Massaciuccoli Lake produce Pinot Noir and Traminer  used to have wines “Secret of the Castle” Red and White Reserve. Merlot, Chardonnay and Ciliegiolo gives “Secret” in Red, White and Rosé. Finally Sangiovese and Vermentino from where you get the wine “Sign of the Lake” in Red and White. The vineyards of Loglia in Bozzano and Quiesa Caprile and Massaciuccoli, produce pinot noir and chardonnay grapes which led to the classical methods “Brut Secret”.

The olive groves produce two types of extra virgin olive oil. The “Secret GOLD” as result of olives coming from the Loglia olive groves in the hills of Massarosa, and “Secret” as mix between olive groves of Crocicchio and Saint Lucia in Bozzano hills and olive groves from Massaciuccoli.


Salumificio Gombitelli

Artisan charcuterie producer: from breeding to meat working till packaging the excellence of the tuscan sausages.

All kind sausages directly from a small village in the hills of Camaiore ( Lucca , Tuscany ) called “Gombitelli”, which thanks to its special microclimate creates a kind of magic transforming its sausages in true palate delights; for microclimate it means the right altitude , distance from the sea and ventilation which allows a perfect maturing of sausages.