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Tuscany in Malta embeds its roots in a long journey which begins when the four founders, Guglielmo, Alessandro, Serena and Grazia, land for the first time in Malta in July 2014. Their first reaction is the sense of great distance between the two countries, Malta and Italy. They start to move from one village to another, discover coastal locations, converse with the people they meet and by the end of their first two-day visit the distance doesn’t seem as big.

More trips are made in the following months and the land, the flavours, the sea and the history of Malta capture their hearts; the feeling of distance is replaced by the desire and wish to mingle and join their origins with those of the culture and folklore of Malta: Tuscany in Malta is developed. Tuscany has always stood for art, skilled workers and the pleasure of delicious cuisine.

Tuscany in Malta offers a small glimpse of Tuscany which mainly involves the home with its finishes and accessories joined to the taste and flavour of the many products of its land. The best Tuscan craft companies have been carefully chosen and selected to blend with the spaces and environments which distinguish Malta, creating perfect harmony in the reciprocal exaltation of the two styles. Guglielmo and Alessandro, small independent builders for thirty years, will know how to guide the customer in reaching this perfect union, thanks to their experience and knowledge of materials. Serena and Grazia, with many years of experience in the furnishing and decor sector can assist in choosing the decorative and finishing accessories. Each single material or object has always been chosen thinking of maximum quality.

Tuscany also stands for quality and our goal is to provide a service and a product of the highest level. The large selection of Tuscan culinary specialties we offer is also the result of painstaking research: niche products whose workmanship requires time, knowledge and skill and whose production is often limited by the season. Visit us and meet the world of Made in Tuscany!

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